Weekly Recap w 44


Finding the app mySymptoms was my main happening this week. I’m now tracking my pain levels and what food I’m eating. The app will analyze the correlations and hopefully it will give me some more information on my battle against my chronic inflammation.


I trained CrossFit at the box 1 day this week, and in the condo gym once. I also lifted weights and ran intervals once. Conclusion I increased my heartrate 3 times in a week. Not bad but next week I will try to do it a bit more frequent. I say this because I can feel the pain in my fingers being reduced after a good conditioning workout which is a good sign.


Ups and downs on foods. I’ve baked bread and snacks to help me to make better choices. They have now been stocked up in the freezer. Eating veggie burger and fries at an amusement park was maybe not according to my strategy but fortunately it didn’t give me any setbacks.

I’m also back drinking water kefir. We did two batches, one coconut and one ginger. Set a new batch yesterday and have for the 2nd fermentation today added blueberries to get more berries in my food.


Have not focused on mindfulness this week. Will try to do some tapping before bedtime, as this is an easy way to get back on the horse again.

Daily movement

Averaging 8500 steps this week. Did a day in an amusement park which gave the week a boost. Will try to slightly improve my stats is to start to always take the steps instead of a elevators, except from my apartment since 28 floors of steps first thing in the morning is not ideal.


Slept 7 hours and 22 min in average this week. Im using the app AutoSleep to track my sleep. I tells me Im below my weekly sleep balance w 4%. It tells me that I have gone to bed 4 min earlier this week compared with last week. I can see that I can get to bed even earlier so will try to do that this coming week.