Weekly recap w 45


I’m very happy with my mySymptoms app. I’m daily tracking my food intake. What I realised not to track was my workouts as they came up as causes for pain, when I know for sure they are giving me pain relief.

Also I listen to a podcast about travelling. Main tips was before long flights to have a meal at the airport before you take off. And then when you have boarded, the plane have taken off and it’s time for you to sleep your food is nearly digested and you will fall asleep more easy. For me this is a good tip also because on theplane the food is not so good for me. At least in the airport you have a few more options. I also need to start to work on a travelling preparation list for my self so I can optimise my travelling more to reduce the stress and pain I normally have during a travel. I have a longer trip to NZ planned in a few weeks so I have to make sure I’m all prepared.


I have had a good week, mainly good food. Salad for lunch or dinner. Vegetable curries and my green smoothie in the morning. My pain is mainly in my fingers w some stiffness in my neck. Food intake has been according to plan and has not caused any flares


2 days running, 1 day Crossfit and 1 day riding. I’ve had a really good week. My body have felt good but now my legs are dead haha.

Stress Management

My HRV is still very low. This is an indication that my body is in fight or flight mood. HRV is also reduce by training load.

Since I have been training quite a fair bit this week, this might be part of my low HRV. But I need to find some ways to improve it.